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On-Line Auction for Education

The Rotary Club of San Ramon would like to announce a partnership with the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation. This year we will be running an Online Auction for Education in conjunction with the festivities surrounding the 33rd Annual Run for Education. The auction will take place from October 4th - October 14th, two days before the Run for Education. The fundraiser will benefit over 30,000 students in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District including Alamo, Danville, San Ramon and parts of Walnut Creek.

Funds raised by the Online Auction for Education will be donated to the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation in support of their 4 major causes: Classrooms of the Future, Literacy, STEM and Professional Development. Our relationship with this foundation is strong and deep—we have been supporting them since their inception.

You can be part of this tradition in 3 different ways:

  1. Make a donation to our online auction – we need your help! Our online auction will be viewed by more than 50,000 San Ramon Valley Unified School District residents! It’s great exposure for your business and it supports a great cause. Your company name and logo with a description of your event and a link to your website will be featured as part of your donation.  (See link under "Important Downloads" on the right side of this homepage).
  2. Sponsor this auction that reaches more than 50,000 parents in the San Ramon Valley. Promotion for this auction will begin in July and continue through October. Your company will be featured in key media as well as prominent online real estate, meaning many eyeballs will see your philanthropy and your company will be visibly marketed through these channels with logos and links to your website.  (See link under "Important Downloads" on the right side of this homepage).
  3. Bid on items in our auction October 4th - October 14th!! Our auction can be accessed at
  If you have questions, or would like your donation picked up, contact me at

By: Gary Sloan
Following the announcement of a wonderful lunch replete with salad, fruit, vegetables, pasta and the perennial chicken dish, the meeting was called to order at 12:17 p.m.  The African Queen, a.k.a. Kathy Gailey, this year’s engaging president rang the bell and welcomed everyone to the Rotary Club of San Ramon reminding us that this year’s R.I. President was John F. Germ and that this year’s theme is “Rotary Serving Humanity”.  You can only imagine how much our R.I. President was chided as a child with a last name of Germ!
Our greeter, substituting for Judy Lewis was our own Fred Nevarez who decided that it was too hot to fish today so he showed up to treat us all to an indecent joke that featured two women in a park, a naked man, and one of them having a stroke. For those not present, you will have to figure it out.  It was a good joke but Fred had to explain it to some of the slower members.  We learned that Fred graduated from UCLA, owed a Jewelry Design business after a stint flying.  The members had to remind him that an important part of his profile was that he was married to an amazing woman.
Don Jones led the group in a poor rendition of “My Country ‘tis of Thee”.  Despite Don’s considerable talent, the rest of the group really let him down.  There were no visiting Rotarians and apparently no guests as there were no traditional table introductions.
The Meeting
The meeting was resumed with an announcement from Guy regarding the Canine Companions Project.  Our Rotary Club has been invited to the Canine Companion graduation on Friday August 12th which begins at 11 am in Santa Rosa.  Guy was willing to organize a car pool for interested Rotarians.  Lunch and a tour of the Children’s library will be the included in the day.  Our past contributions and support of this worthy cause resulted in this invitation.  As it turns out, Steve Wilcox, an esteemed past Rotary President is arranging a Charity Golf Tournament through his company, Summit Financial to support the Canine Companion Project.
Kathy shared a “Rotary Moment”.  Did you know that a charity that spent 60% on its mission was considered a “worthwhile charity” and those who spend 79% on its mission is considered “highly efficient”?  And did you know that Rotary Foundation spends 92% of its funds on its mission?  Bottom line, our contributions to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund is a truly worthy of our support.  A pledge card was handed out to all members the results of which will be shared with our District Governor during his visit on August 18th.  All members were encouraged to support the Rotary Foundation at the Double Sustainer level ($200), the Super Sustainer level ($500), the Paul Harris Society level ($1000) or pay a monthly Rotary Direct amount of $25 per month.  This activity was followed by a terrific Video extolling the impact Rotary Foundation has had over the decades:  Children’s Health and the eradication of Polio (1930s), to implementing International Study (1940s)  to International Study (1950s), to Global response (1960s to present),  in health, hunger, water and economic conditions.  The video clearly showed how Rotary is seeking to transform the world.
  • The Board will meet on August 18th at Crow Canyon Country Club at 10 am
  • The Inauguration Party for our President will be August 27th.  Please RSVP.
  • Jerry was asked to update the club on progress with the upcoming Auction.
The Club has been separated into 7 teams to obtain auction items:
River Cats:  C. Gayler(Captain) plus Welm, Harvey, Johnson, Remmich, Port, Tucker, Walz and Thelen
Athletics: S. Litteral (Captain) plus Thames, Disch, Duarte, Harlan, Hennigan, Koehne, Tatum, Katiby
Giants:  N. Voss (Captain) plus Tontz, Gailey, Galbo Greco, Gross, Mitchell, Toby, Hillyer
Angels:  B. Brodie (Captain) plus Wilcox, G. Gayler, Jones, Smith, Patterson, Trembley, Lewis
Blue Jays:  L. Sandhu (Captain) plus Weber, Bronzini, Giles, Sloan, Livingstone, Riopelle, Sramek, Spike
Bad News Bears:  C. Gallagher (Captain) plus Fielder, Dominquez, Garrison, Gunning, Nevarez, Perkins,     Probert and Mark Von
Online Auction Donation Forms are available on our Website.
Jerry also reviewed prizes that will be awarded including Top Team being treated to a dinner for 10 by Marie Galbo.  Best Golf package, Best Family Package, Best Dining Package, Most Sophisticated package, Best sports package, Best Entertainment package and the elusive $30,000 plus raised by any individual member is given the privilege of shaving Chris Gallagher’s Head under the supervision of Patti Hennigan.
Jerry also discussed school specific donation items where schools might try to out-bid each other as a group for needed or unique items.
Program:  Climate Change
Marv Remmich introduced our speaker, Jim Boots who graduated from MIT, worked for Chevron, is an engineer by “education and inclination” but also has a degree in Humanities.  After retiring he became a Process Management Consultant and writer.  Jim has been a Danville resident for 16 years. 
To guard against the possibility of his presentation crashing and burning, Jim shared a joke about a priest, lawyer and engineer which was pretty funny but he got serious quickly with the goal of answering three questions:  1) Is global warming really happening 2) Is global warming caused by humans and 3) what can we do about it.
Jim’s presentation was based on science and facts that he had gleaned from his extensive reading.  As evidence that Global warming is indeed real, Jim illustrated the sharp rise in temperatures since 1981.  Indeed, from 500 A.D. to 1890 temperatures were relatively flat after which a consistent rising spike in temps have been realized.  The 10 of the warmest recorded years have occurred since 2000.  The oceans have risen 7” in the last 10 years.  The graph of temperature rising over the past few hundred years was pretty convincing and enough for Jim to conclude that Global warming is really happening.
An explanation of the Greenhouse effect creating CO2 and methane originating from electricity, autos and industry was basic enough for even the slowest Rotarian to understand.  Jim explained that CO2 and methane were incorporated into our atmosphere.  The heat resulting from such a phenomenon is equal to four Hiroshima bombs every second!  While the ocean absorbs a great deal of this heat, the global agreements starting in 1988 are expected to stabilize the ozone layer by 2070.   In the meantime, ocean acidity, higher sea levels, drought and species extinction will occur.  Based on the demonstration of Greenhouse Gas action and that 97% of climate experts agree, Jim concluded that humans do indeed contribute to global warming.
Mr. Boots finally promoted the idea of a carbon fee on carbon producing entities (industry, car owners and others) at $15 per ton of carbon produced then raise the rate $10 per year.  This would equate to an additional 15 cents per gallon in the first year and 10 cents every year thereafter.   However, Jim proposed that the funds collected be given back to tax payers.  If any of this makes sense to Rotarians, Jim urged us to talk to our representatives and support the carbon fee.
After a few questions, Kathy thanked Jim and presented him with a Certificate indicating that a donation will be made to the Wheelchair Foundation in his honor.
Concluding Activities
The raffle was won by Paula Sue, an unspecified gift from our local jeweler.  And the progressive raffle was WON by Geoff Johnson for over $200!  No one was thrilled but we congratulated Geoff all the same.
Next week’s Greeter is Stacey Litteral and the meeting was adjourned on time at 1:30 pm.

By: Tom Port
Opening: Marie Galbo took center stage as a stand-in for Kathy welcoming us to S.R.
          Rotary. “Our R.I. President for this year is John F. Germ and his theme is:
          ‘Rotary Serving Humanity’”.
Rotary Moment: “The last time Polio infected a child in Europe was last year. Two
         Ukrainian children were diagnosed with paralytic polio. Only 50% of children
         were fully vaccinated there, and as a result, a rare mutation in the
          weakened strain used in the oral vaccine was able to spread.
Greeter: Colette lay advised: “The world is changed by your example, not by your 
Rotary Foundation: Ray Giles says this is his 29 year working on behalf of our
Paul Harris Fellow: Dr. Bill Harlan’s granddaughter, Erin was awarded a Paul
Recognitions: Dr. Bill Chris Gayler, Ed Duarte and a few others were recognized - at a price, of course.
Program: Gary Sloan introduced Peace Corps Volunteer, Dana Wosterberg, who presented slides about his two-year Peace Corps experience in Ghana. Dana graduated from San Ramon High and San Diego State University.
The Peace Corps was founded in 1061 by President Jack Kennedy. Since then over 220,000 have served as volunteers. Areas of service include: Agriculture, Education, Environment, Community Development, Economic Development and Health and Sanitation.
After completing his training Dana was sent to a village in Ghana on the shores of Lake Volta. Ghana is a former British Colony in West Africa bordered by the Ivory Coast to the West, Berkina Faso to the North, and Togo to the East. His residence was a small house with a corrugated metal roof and no running water. Temperatures there often run to 115 degrees.
Dana’s main project was a to organize the community around a water project. He explained that such a project can only succeed by gained the trust and support of the various grouping. It is critical that the men, the women and children all take ownership, and the project has the support of local officials.  After about three months of meetings it became clear that clear the drilling a well was the top priority. Without a well the people had to make as many as five trips per day of about one kilometer to obtain large jugs of water from Lake Volta and that water is polluted with toxic substances and a variety of parasites.
In any event, Dana succeed in getting a committee formed to complete the project, two bores were drilled to a depth of some 120 meters, and the wells struck water. Finally, the people were able to go to a pump nearby their home or school and drink what was, for many of them, their first glass of clean water.
Dana hopes to raise funds with the help of Rotary for additional wells. The cost for a single bore hole is about $6,000. He is asking for $5,500.
Raffle: Gary Sloan won the Greeter’s Gift and Norbert won a shot at the Progressive, but drew a blue ball.

By Hermann Welm
President Kathy Gailey  --  has she earned a nickname yet?  -- called the meeting to order, advising that the R.I. President is John F. Germ and his theme for the year is “Rotary Serving Humanity.”
Our Greeter, Naeem Katiby, presented his Thought of the Day, “Be like the sun for grace and mercy. Be like the night to cover others' faults. Be like running water for generosity. Be like death for rage and anger. Be like the Earth for modesty. Appear as you are. Be as you appear.”
By Rumi
He then organized the Salute to the Flag.  In describing his current efforts in Afganistan, Naeem noted that he is working on securing a dialysis machine for a clinic he is working with.
PP Don Jones then led us in the singing of “God Bless America!”
Visiting Rotarians: None.
Other Visitors: Eric Stein, former Cal High Interact President and recent graduate of the University of San Diego, who has just spent nearly a year traveling in several European and Asian countries, AND who is on his way to earn a Master’s Degree in Oslo, Norway!  (Let’s keep an eye on this young man; he’s “going places!”)  Also, Nattie Lee, Ariana Reynoso, Ji Won Kim, Natalie Lee, Assemblywoman Catharine Baker and her son, Alex Baker.
The Medicine Man and his Jokes:  Sad to say, but this low point of our former meetings has been discontinued because we now have a classy lady as President!
Replacing the “Jokes” section of the Meeting, Kathy will be presenting “Rotary Moments.”   Today’s is a story told by the Immediate Past RI President, Ravi Ravidran, recently in Korea.  He was born in Sri Lanka and when he was 4 years old his mother was diagnosed with Polio.  She needed a ventilator (Iron Lung) in order to survive, however, there were very few in Sri Lanka.  Local Rotary Club members organized the purchase and delivery of a unit from overseas within 24 hours, in spite of the significant obstacles and red tape that usually accompany this kind of transaction.  The good people of that club, many in prominent positions, simply pulled a lot of strings!
Kathy bestowed on our former President, Gary Sloan, his Past President gifts:  a plaque, a new Rotary badge and his PP pin.  Gary noted that a term as President is similar to owning a boat.  The best day of your life is when you first get it; the next best day is when you sell it!
Kathy then swore in the balance of her new Board, including Guy Greco, Bill Brody, Colette Lay and Julie Fiedler.
Julie stayed up front to receive her Blue Badge, having completed all of the requirements.  She noted that she is an attorney specializing in Elder Care issues, a topic near and dear to many in the room!
PP Gary Sloan once again reminded all that the President’s Inauguration Party, to be held at Barbara’s home, will be on August 27th.  The cost per person will be $20.00.
Michelle Lee announced that she will be shifting over to the Dougherty Valley club because their meeting times better fit her work schedule.  We will miss her as a member but will see her quite often in the future; she wants to work on increasing coordination among the various local clubs.
Good News/Fine Free:  None
Recognitions:  None.

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