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The Rotary Club of San Ramon
Lifeline Award
“Lifeline Award” has been created to recognize someone who has come to the aid of the club president on more than one occasion – and probably more than 3 occasions.  The named individual can be a fellow Rotarian within the San Ramon club; a Rotarian from another club; a family member – (i.e. spouse, partner, son, daughter, brother, etc.); a work colleague; a family therapist; priest; bartender; etc.
Rotarian Year
Chris Gallagher 2011-2012
Colette Lay 2013-2014
Mark von Hoetzendorff 2015-2016
Gary Sloan
Colette Lay & Marv Remmich
Chris Gallagher 2018-2019
Karen McNamara 2019-2020
Renee Gallagher 2020-2021
Colette Lay 2021-2022