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Weekly Program
Zoom Notes for April 30, 2020
Our President, Lady Grizzly, a.k.a. Colette Lay, started the meeting ringing the bell and displaying a Rotary sign behind her! We were reminded Mark Daniel Maloney from Decatur, Alabama is this year’s Rotary International President.  The theme is “Rotary Connects the World”.  
Hermann Welm was the greeter, who had two quotes for us. These quotations show that both Benjamin Franklin (Founding Father, 1706 - 1790) and W. Edwards Deming (Professor and Speaker, 1900 -1993) thought alike.  Deming was a statistician who developed the concept of Statistical Quality Control which he used to help turn Japan’s “Made in Japan” label from junk products to quality!
Deming: “It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory.”
Franklin: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”
Hermann has been busy with woodworking projects.  He recently finished a coffee table and has four other projects in the works. He gave us an update on Lindsay Wildlife.  Although closed to the public and volunteers, staff is still working and handling animal rescues. There are many volunteers fostering animals in need, including Hermann who is currently housing four squirrels. \
President Lay reminded us that there are many opportunities to stay connected until we can meet in person again:
Weekly meetings via Zoom – visit other clubs!
Happy Hour via Zoom – Tuesdays @ 5:00 pm
Share “Good News” and photos with Ana
Share Community Needs – Dennis checking w/Sunny Glen and other community seniors to adopt
SRR members donated $1800 in Virtual Lunch fees – Clementine’s for                  SRRMC – Order take-out!
Ray Giles presented Mike Thelan with his Paul Harris pin.  He promised to disinfect it thoroughly and send it off to Mike ASAP!
Ray also provided a list of many Rotary Foundation projects/grants that have been made in response to COVID-19.  Unfortunately, the audio wasn’t always clear, so we look forward to hearing more about Rotary’s response and contribution to the pandemic.
Priya Jhingan discussed her Stay at Home Spotlight Series. The first interview with Chris Gallagher was released last week.  Stay tuned for the next three interviews being released starring Carolyn Degnan, Steven Porschet, and Vera Packard. 
Karen McNamara announced that our virtual food drive to benefit the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano was a big success. With matching grant money and donations still coming in, SRR was able to donate about $2700 to the food bank.
Melanie Emig shared happy news about Crow Canyon Country Club’s phases of re-opening. The golf and tennis courts will open on May 4th.  Curbside and to-go food service is open for all Rotarians (even if you aren’t a CCCC member).  They also offer a special Mother’s Day to-go menu.
Geoff Disch celebrated his birthday on April 30th.   Don Jones celebrated his birthday on April 26th.
Mark Honstra shared that his son was turning 30 years old, and the same son is expecting their second grandson in July!
This week we were treated to two heartwarming presentations.  The first was given by our own Mark Honstra about a project to help women affected by conflict in Uganda.  San Ramon Rotary provided a grant to assist in this project.
The building of a community center in the most rural of rural areas in Uganda – Pauma Village.  Women started constructing the community center by making bricks from the dirt.  The SRR grant helped provide windows, doors and a roof for the building.  The building was completed by solar panels for power – thanks to SoloGrid – and a satellite TV to watch their beloved football games. 
The grand opening was attending by many local dignitaries and Mark got to cut the ribbon at the grand opening. The draw of this community center has sparked a construction trend.  The area now has several other buildings going up and will create a trading center in this rural Ugandan community. 
Mark shared a video from many of the local women involved in the project, expressing their sincerest gratitude for the financial help received from San Ramon Rotary.  As a thank you gift to SRR, Mark was presented with a chicken.  Since he couldn’t transport it back on the plane, he donated it back to the community along with a rooster to help facilitate more chickens and eggs. 
This project is a perfect example of how Rotary Connects the World.
Our second presentation was given by guest Kevin Adler. Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Miracle Messages, an award-winning nonprofit reunion service and buddy system helping our homeless neighbors reconnect with their loved ones and us. To date, Miracle Messages has reunited 325+ families, with an average time separated of 15 years, as part of their mission to end relational poverty on the streets.
Kevin started by sharing his history about why this work calls to him. His beloved Uncle Mark suffered from schizophrenia and lived on and off the streets for 30 years, before dying at the age of 50.  Kevin’s grandpa, Mark’s dad, who just passed on February 2nd at the age of 97 (possibly one of the first identified COVID-19 fatalities). Grandpa always kept a dedicated phone line specifically to receive any calls from Mark.  While visiting Uncle Mark’s gravesite with Grandpa years back, Kevin asked what the purpose of a tombstone was, and was struck by the idea that it didn’t relay any information about who the person was, only the year they were born and the year they died.  He thought “all the good stuff is in the dash between the years”. 
This got Kevin thinking about other homeless people’s stories, and a philosophy that is now the tagline for Miracle Messages – Everyone is Someone’s Somebody.  So Kevin and some volunteers thought about how to document stories from life on the street.  They started going onto the streets of San Francisco with GoPro’s strapped to their chest and asking those living on the street if they would like to tell their story.  As they gathered more stories, a common theme emerged: “I didn’t feel homeless when I lost my housing, only when I lost my family and friends.” 
Kevin’s first story was with a homeless man named Jeffrey.  After posting it on Facebook, comments started to come in from people who had gone to school with him, people offering him a job.  Through the power of social media, it was later learned that Jeffrey has been on the missing persons list for over 12 years.  People were looking for him, but he didn’t know. 
With this experience, Kevin quit his job and founded Miracle Messages.  Read all about their organization on their website at https://www.miraclemessages.org/
Kevin announced a brand new program they have launched in response to the pandemic, Miracle Friends. They are looking for volunteers.  A brief description is below, and you can find out more using this link https://www.miraclemessages.org/miraclefriends.
People experiencing homelessness are especially vulnerable during the pandemic, and service providers are already overwhelmed.
Miracle Friends is a virtual buddy system that matches people experiencing homelessness with volunteers for daily 5-10 minute phone calls and texts, to offer basic companionship and support.
Miracle Friends is currently being piloted in the San Francisco Bay Area to support homeless neighbors being moved into vacant hotel rooms during the pandemic, as well as formerly homeless senior citizens.
Volunteers are welcome to apply from anywhere in the world.
The raffle will be returning soon!  Stay tuned to see how this will be done virtually.  That alone will be worth the price of a ticket!
Stay safe, fellow Rotarians. 
Respectfully submitted,
Julie McKinney, Scribe
San Ramon Medical Center Thank You Banner
Good News for CCCC / Melanie Emig
Fellow Rotarians!
Crow Canyon Country Club is pleased to bring you our To-Go services with family-friendly options you can enjoy in the comfort & safety of your homes.  Take a break from cooking & enjoy some delicious food from our kitchen to yours!  Attached is our standard weekly menu, A-MAZ-ING Mother's Day Packages, and our Food Safety Guidelines.  Specials for the week are listed below and do change weekly...
Weekly Service | Tuesday, May 5th - Friday, May 8th
(no service on Saturday, May 9th as we prepare for Mother's Day)
¡Fiesta en la Casa! with these specials...
Carne Asada
beans, rice & tortillas, served with guacamole, pico de gallo and chips | $15 per person
It's not a fiesta without the tequila!
Cutwater Spirits Lime Tequila Margarita - 12 ounce cans | $15 for a box of 4
Chicken Cobb Salad
Chopped romaine, chicken, blue cheese, olives, tomato, bacon & hard-boiled egg,
served with ranch or blue cheese dressing | $14
Shrimp Pasta
Topped with saffron cream sauce, asparagus and fresh basil | $23
Chicken Marsala
Served with roasted vegetables and potatoes | $17, family-style $60*
BBQ Pork Spare Ribs
Served with housemade potato salad and creamy coleslaw | $17, family-style $60*
*Family-style meals include salad, rolls and cookies (serves 4)
To Place Your Order:
Tuesday - Friday | 11 am - 4 pm
Call the Club at 925.735.5700 and dial 0...
Phone Order Instructions Beginning Tuesday, May 5
Please leave a message with your order if we do not answer -  phone coverage will be limited throughout the day...Don't worry!
We will call you back to confirm your order and pick-up time
(same day orders MUST be called in before 4 pm)
To Pick-Up Your Order:
Tuesday - Friday | 3 pm - 6 pm
Drive into the vehicle roundabout at the main entrance to the Club...
Simply pop your trunk upon arrival and an employee will bring your order to your vehicle and place it safely inside!
Consider an early pick-up time for the fastest service...
We are only excepting Credit Cards, unless you are a Crow Canyon Country Club Member.
We appreciate your support and if you have any questions
please let us know...925.735.5700
Happy Hour #5 RECAP!
Colette here, filling in for Carolyn - trying hard to keep up with all the answers! My apologies if I missed something or mischaracterized something. Carolyn has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and feeling tired in the afternoons. We all wish her a speedy recovery!
Here is a recap of our Tuesday evening Zoom meeting! I loved the variety of the answers, I expected a much narrower field of responses.
Our question was: If you could have a dinner conversation with anyone (past or present) who would it be and why? (Please exclude family members--we might have that conversation on another day)
It was great to see everyone, and we had a few guests! Norbert gave us an update on the progress of his pandemic ponytail which seems to be coming along nicely. Priya introduced us to Evan and he added that Priya had just cut off HIS ponytail! He still had plenty of hair left and became the envy of most of us at that point. Horace quickly changed the topic to beards so as not to feel too badly about his pandemic hair.
Geoff: Melania Trump - so he could ask her what’s wrong with her husband!
Melanie: Walt Disney – she’s a huge fan and would love to talk about his imagination and concept development.
Vera: Michelle Obama – for her non-profit expertise and worldliness!
Gobind: She recalled a recent conversation with her Brother-in-law and sister-in-law that brought back lots of fond memories for her.
Of course, Gobind got a phone call right after this. Just like every meeting! She’s the most popular person in our club……….
Norbert could not be confined to one answer: 1 – his younger self 2 – Leonardo DaVinci in today’s time so he could reflect on his inventions and how things played out over time 3 – Jesus in his own time so Norbert could glean some real-time historical info!
Tom P: Charlie Romero – his 1st year college roommate that seemed knowledgeable and worldly at the time.
Judy P: another welcome guest that could also not be confined to one answer: 1 – Matt Ridder, a Cal Poly Prof and accomplished speaker to pick his brain 2 – Marilyn Davies, a fascinating fellow gardener 3 – Astrologer Spencer John, because she is a huge fan and very interested in this field! Insider tip: after May 11 things will ease up so be patient!
Jerry: MLK, Jr. so he could discuss his life and policies on discrimination and racism.
Horace: 1 – Winston Churchill after WWII so he could thank him for his service and wisdom. 2 – The Good Samaritan from the Bible so he could thank him for providing such a wonderful example for the world to follow!
Gary: Also not one to be confined to a single answer, Gary would like to organize a town hall featuring Jesus, Mohammed and Moses and then ANOTHER group meeting with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and A. Hamilton watching Fox News.
Priya: Benjamin Franklin - because he is the ultimate renaissance man with a wide variety of interests just like her. She also mentioned a valued spiritual leader like Jesus or the Dalai Lama for a moment of spiritual awakening.
Kathy G: Nelson Mandela – she has read so much about him that it would be wonderful to meet him and ask for advice in person!
Chris Gallagher: Tom Selleck for an opinion on the new Magnum PI show. Side fact: at the age of 20 Chris abandoned all and moved to Hawaii, but apparently couldn’t make the PI gig stick and returned to the East Bay (lucky for us!)
Mike T: 1 – Paul McCartney to find out how he developed his music and learn some history on song meanings. 2 - Willie Mays who he had the opportunity to meet many years ago and would like to know more about the best-ever player!
Pat: Vince Lombardi – The Packer’s coach from 1960-68 is the master of motivation and communication. Pat grew up in Milwaukee and has always been a huge fan.
Guy: John Kennedy – Guy has a huge amount of respect and always wonders what would have happened if he had lived.
Mary: This beloved guest reminded us that she had polio as a child, in an era that felt very familiar to how we are experiencing Covid-19. She has a great deal of respect for Jonas Salk and his dedication to finding a cure, for no profit, and reminded us to trust science!
Colette: Cesar Millan – she needs the dog whisperer to help with this new dog!
Carolyn, safely at home: I was originally going to say Winston Spencer Churchill because I have always admired his strength of conviction (I even named my son after him) but after the past 10 days I changed my answer to Robin Williams-- we all need a good laugh.  I have been watching his comedy on YouTube while I am quarantined 
It was also noted that Mike and Horace had matching bandanna masks! Horace took a beverage poll and found that most of us were not drinking alcohol this time. For those that were imbibing the choices were wine, beer, and scotch! See you next time………..
May 07, 2020 12:00 PM
Update on Bolivia Water Project
May 14, 2020 12:00 PM
Update on Covid-19
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