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Meeting Notes for June 25, 2020
The end of an era is upon us.  The knights of the round table are disbanding.  The Queen is dead.  The Apocalypse of the four horsemen are riding again.  The end of our President Lady Grizzly’s term (AKA Colette Lay) has arrived.  Calling the meeting to order at 12 noon, our President was in a state of euphoria with a smile of contentment and the look of an ex-prison con being released from jail.  For the last time, the President reminded the club that the R.I. President is Mark Daniel Maloney and the theme is “Rotary Connects the World”.
Ana Dominquez was introduced at the greeter with a tribute to women leaders.
"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. 
He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things." Ronald Reagan
"Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men--the other 999 follow women."
  Groucho Marx
With high quality graphics, our President served virtual hamburgers and hot dogs with fries and watermelon.
Following a patriotic Flag salute and a cacophony of the 4-way test, President Lay introduced the many well-wishing guests including Tina Akins, Bhavya Doshi, Brad Lay joining from upstairs, Mark Hornstra, Daniel from Danville/Sycamore Club, Cheri Braga, and Marie Galbo
It was announced that the club would be dark next week with a start up in early July, as our new President takes over the spot light.  If you have good news and pictures, send them to Ana.  June is Fellowship month with lots of activities available.  Lastly, the Meals effort yielded $1,744 to go to Primo Pizza for meals for local care homes.  Priya has also arranged for face shields to be donated to John Muir Hospital.
Bhavya Doshi, from Mills College and a former interact member was introduced.  Bhavya recently graduated and will be starting The East Bay Community Rotaract Club with San Ramon Rotary and the Danville/Sycamore clubs.  She introduced key players to fill Rotaract Board positions and shared that the goal of this new club will be centered around social justice encouraging a diverse club in a safe environment.  Bhavya also indicated their desire to work with Interact Clubs through Social Justice education and supplies.  She thanked both Rotary Clubs for their support. President Lay noted that this was another example of our Scholarship funds being well spent.
A wise woman (Tina Akins) suggested Colette maintain a binder of Rotary accomplishments during the year.  Quoting a Bateke proverb, “the river swells with the contributions of the small streams.”  Colette wanted to showcase some of her favorite moments during her reign and the contributions of our members.  We supported:
  • Food Bank of Contra Costa
  • Wheelchair Foundation
  • Auction for Education
  • Walk to End Alzheimers
  • Trinity Center
  • The Grateful Garment Project
  • Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa
  • Book Drive and Dictionaries for 3rd Graders
  • Rise Against Hunger
Committed Rotarians donated for following during the year:
Rotary Foundation                                          $20,653
San Ramon Rotary Foundation                       $     550
SRRF grant                                                      $ 1,000
5160 Grant                                                      $     881
 Virtual meals                                                 $  5,861
Food Bank                                                       $  2,014
GRAND TOTAL                                                $30,929
AND ROTARY HAD A LOT of fun (such a party girl) particularly the Happy Hour laughs keeping a semblance of fellowship among Rotarians.  For those who may have forgotten the pre-pandemic fellowship events, Colette reminded us of times now past but included a Baseball game, Tao House Tour and Play, members night out, hiking excursion, and the holiday party.
San Ramon Rotary was among ten clubs to receive the Rotary International President’s Citation. The competitive spirit of our President came through when she gleefully announced that the club also received the Presidential Citation with Distinction award among 5 other clubs.

As is the tradition of our club at end of a presidential term, Dr. Bill presented a Top Ten list of notable people and events that occurred during the year.  He warned that there were lots of inside jokes and commented that Zooming with Colette displayed her extraordinary skill and adaptability through year.  The top moments of Lady Grizzly’s Virtual Presidency during our time zooming with Colette:
  1.  The strangely erotic experience of watching Barry Toby eat a tuna sandwich on camera.
9.  Seeing Gobind Anand perch on the Golden Gate Bridge while we all fervently hope she doesn’t jump.
8.  The hardest-working Rotarian of all – Colette Lay who has to prepare all the ribs, fries and Hawaiian cheesecake for those shots at the beginning of the meeting.
7.  The occasional appearance of the mysterious IT guy who tries to retrieve the clip from RI about the urinal installation project in Botswana.
6.  Enjoying watching Pat Paterson doze off ten minutes into the meeting.
5.  Marveling at the evolution of Nobert Walz’s ponytail.
4.  Appreciating how creatively Melanie Emig shuffles the papers around on her desk.
3.  Admiring the steely resolve of Chris Gayler and his three-month sit-in protest in the O’Neil Room at the country club, demanding that he get another pitcher of iced tea.
2.  The desperate hand-written sign that Doctor Bill holds up, “Help, I have no audio!”
1. The extravagant entrance of Julie McKinney coming on camera to do recognitions, like a contestant on “America’s Got Talent.”
And the final bonus feature: 
  1.  How the meetings always end with a final shot of Chris Gallagher, the last, sad Zoomer, turning this way and that, to get his best camera angle.
We will forgive Dr. Bill’s penchant for skipping over some on this list only to recover and include these critical moments albeit late and out of order.
Club Awards with sound affects
Colette recognized her supportive Board Members complete with an applause maker that she seemed to enjoy entirely too much.
            Garth – Great note taker
            Priya – Adaptable (spot light video)
            Millich – Grants chair
            Patty – Vocational Service with a challenging but successful Scholarship process
            Karen – Community Service who updated websites, and answered Colette emails
            Julie M. – Sergeant of Arms stepped up along with many other accepted duties
            Julie F – Club Admin organized our last party during Xmas
            Guy – Is best known as the photo man but also was responsible for International service
            Gary – In charge of Interact and Youth Activities
            Geoff – Treasurer many years, (Colette announced that he was be getting her expenses)
            Chris Gayler – Membership with 5 -6 new members
Chris Gallagher – Bummed missing out on PE stuff.  The club is lucky to have an experienced President
            Glen W. – Member at Large helped recruitment of vocations to fill voids
Colette extended her thanks and congratulations to all Board members.
Special Recognition
Ray Giles, the Foundation Chairperson was recognized for a great job on foundation activities.  He was patient, helpful and thorough.
Carolyn Degnan – Superb Social Coordinator despite her travails with the COVID virus
Marv Remmich – Outstanding Program Director with a variety of interesting speakers
Before introducing Norbert to present the Rotarian of the Year award, Norbert was aroused from his slumbers and asked “did I miss the Board awards”?
Rotarian of the Year Award:  For unwavering commitment to our club and the community selected by former Rotarians of the Year, there was a clear consensus.  Norbert announced that he sought a second term as Rotarian of the Year but opted for man with whom Norbert had “a lot in common with similar high principles and character”.  To the thunderous virtual applause, Ray Giles was announced as this year’s winner of this most coveted award.  Based on this scribe’s view, Ray was surprised, stunned and speechless.  However, he did express his sincere appreciation and grateful thoughts and sentiments!
Red Badge of the Year:  President Lay presented this award given to a Rotarian that demonstrates significant support for the club during their first year.  That person in 2020 was none other than Julie McKinney AKA scribe for Dr. Bill, Sergeant of Arms, Veterans Program coordinator and countless other activities.  Julie was honored but owed indicated that she owed Bill, Gary, Karen and Edgardo for asking for her to step up into these roles.  This past year, we all learned that Julie can never can say no.
Hall of Fame Award:  Bestowed upon a Rotarian who consistently puts “Service Before Self” through their years of club service, this year’s winner is Glen Weber.  Not officially on the Board, as member at large he consistently helped Board members in a variety of tasks and services.  Glen was unphased but surprised. 
Hammer Award:  This award is presented to the Rotarian who serves beyond the call of duty and is instrumental in getting things done while giving the club 100% support.  To the surprise of no one, Norbert Walz was awarded this recognition.  He said that this award took his breath away and that he was humbled.  Norbert will be added to long list of past Hammer Award winners on a lovely plaque.
Life Line Award:  This award is given to someone who comes to the aid of the President (in this case, at least 3 times per week) on more than one occasion and helps the President maintain sanity and order.  Karen McNamara was the designated Wing-woman for Colette starting with the fun they had in the Hamburg conference.  Karen recounted that “those who drink beer together stay together”. 
Stewardship Award:  Finally, the Rotarian whose care and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care is recognized. This year’s award went to Chris Gallagher.  Chris feigned being speechless and thanked Colette for helping him help her.  A relieved outgoing President reassured apprehensive, cynical club members that they were in good hands in the coming year with Mr. Gallagher.
To make it all official, there was a magical moment of the virtual handing over the gavel creating a sense of confusion and reality testing among members.
Madam Grizzily’s final act was announcing Chris Gallagher’s handle.  After receiving many suggestions from past presidents, our new President’s handle is TOP GUN recognizing Chris’s efforts to obtain a pilot’s license and one of his two dogs being named Maverick.
A virtual Rotary Cake was shared by all as our courageous ex-president rides off into the sunset with very big smile of relief on her face.
Colette ended the meeting sharing that she had a blast this year and was happy we did not give her a new handle of COVID Colette during the year.
The meeting was adjourned for demotion events later in the day.  Colette, on behalf of the entire club, we salute you!
We are dark for the first week of July.
Respectfully submitted,
Gary Sloan
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