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Weekly Program
Meeting Notes for July 22, 2021
The meeting was called to order by our new President, Terry “Showtime” Koehne” with a cowbell and the sunny disposition.  Terry invoked his pithy sentiment: “Showtime says it is GO TIME.”  Rotarians need to learn that the new R.I. President is Shekhar Mehta and the theme this year is “Serve to Change Lives”. 
The venerable Horace Crawford was our greeter who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  As all new Presidents are apt to do Terry is changing the Traditional Welcome Song from Aloha to Bienvenido.  It is rumored that Terry surreptitiously takes a shot of tequila off camera at this juncture.
Horace shared a thought for the day from “Who Packed Your Parachute”:
“Sometimes in the daily challenges that life gives us, we miss what is really important. We may fail to say hello, please, or thank you, or give a compliment, or just do something nice for no reason at all. Don’t miss out.”
Horace Bio:
Horace joined Rotary in 1986. In 1987 he became a Paul Harris Fellow for the first time.
Soon he served as Director of International Service, then Director of Community Service.
He was then selected to be the editor for the District Directory for five District Governors.
He was our 14th Club President in 1997/98 with an official handle of Dr. Seuss. However, some referred to him as the Wee Laddie or the Cat in the Hat. He introduced the short-lived Cactus of Shame but it was not adopted by subsequent Presidents.
After he retired in 2007, Horace became an advocate and champion of the homeless around Walnut Creek.  The San Ramon Rotary Club began to focus with him on efforts to support the Trinity Center Homeless by providing lunches, BBQs, gift cards, cash, and many goods donations. Volunteers from this club continue to step up to help the homeless often.  In the future,
Karen McNamara and her committee will explore the opportunity to obtain a district matching grant to Trinity Center.
With Pat Paterson has resigning from the club, Horace may be our oldest member at 84 years old having been a member of our club for 35 years.  He expressed his appreciation for the many things Rotary accomplished and the many lasting friendships that Rotary has afforded him.
Terry highlighted that July is new leadership month.  “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”.   For those who miss Chris Gallagher’s “News You May Have Missed”, Terry offered this but it took some time for members to really “get” Terry’s sense of humor.  Good try though.
Fine Free recognitions:  Marco Bronzini began an interesting conversation regarding his son, Nick who joined the top 200 baseball players in Florida. Nick struck out 6 and will soon be competing in Arizona.  Marco has been all over the country and has a boatload of of Southwest miles.  Marco proceeded to share vast information on how high school senior prospects are sought by professional scouts.  Everyone agreed this would be a wonderful program! Marco’s son was going to go to Arizona but the coach took a job with LSU.  Other schools are in the mix.  Marco will send Carolyn the link to see Nick pitch.  Gary Sloan suggested the Los Angeles Dodgers while Terry and Chris Gayler disputed the wisdom of Gary’s suggestion.
At end of October, the District Conference will be held at Squaw Creek Lake Tahoe.  8-10 to attend club members have already signed up.  Terry heard that the conference may be capped at 300.
Concert in the Park.  Terry thanked Karen for arranging a meeting with Rotarians at the Concert in the Park.  8-10 members enjoyed the music, food and fellowship.  The next Concert in the Park that Rotarians are invited to attend will be on  August 8th .

It was announced that we will be Dark next week.
August 5th   ED Duarte will be the Greeter at Growler and the Chamber of Commerce will present.
Yours truly at the ready substitute Scribe 
Gary Sloan
Club Business and Board Members Introduction
Presidential Goals
Terry announced that the meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday as alive meeting, The 2nd Thursday the club is dark and the  4th Thursday of the month will be by zoom with one social activity per month.
Terry’s primary goals this year are:
  1. Get back to in-person fellowship
  2. Create new structure that works for club
  3. Maintain member retention and grow membership  (Each one, bring one)
  4. Have fun and don’t screw up too badly.
Board Member Introductions:
Terry asked each Board Member to share their primary purpose in their specified role and their goals for the coming year.
President Elect – This year Carolyn will provide Club Service and Administration.  She hopes to learn as much as can from Terry in anticipation of her rule in 2022-23.  She would like Club Service to be renamed to “Club Fun” as she tries to bring back old fellowship events and conceive as new fellowship opportunities.  Carolyn also fills role of Shepherd this year to offer condolences and support to members and member families during times of illness and need. Members were encouraged to let Carolyn know of any member needs so she can provide condolences and support. Dennis Harvey reminded the club to be sensitive to a person’s desires and respect their confidentiality. As an example, he shared the recent loss of business his long-time business partner who wished for her struggles to be kept private.  The club was reminded that Lucky Sandhu recently lost his father.
Colette, Geoff and Gallagher were AWOL due to travel or business commitments.
Chris Gayler’s goal in Membership is to increase membership by 20%.  He believes that the opportunity for people who want to do community service and have more personal interaction may result in new members.  He recommended that all club members bring a guest and if you leave the club, you should bring 2 more prospective members.   Chris is looking for new ideas to get new members and increase our community partnerships.
Karen McNamara – Community Service and Foundation Chairperson
Directors –       Karen McNamara, Chairperson
              Geoff Disch, Treasurer
            Carolyn Degnan, Secretary
 Chris Gallagher, Grants Chairperson
 Alan Love, Member
 Terry Koehne  ex-officio (non-voting)
Grants:  Over $11,000 given to selected community groups
All Wars Memorial Foundation   $300                                       
Amigos de Guatemala     $400
Concord Vet Center   $800
Connected Horse     $750
Down Syndrome Connection  $930
East Bay Community Rotaract   $540
EAT Sports Foundation  $1000
Foundation for Aid and Development of Afghanistan  $1,000
Free to Run Foundation   $250                                       
I Can Do That    $1,000                                       
Lifehouse       $750                                       
Loaves and Fishes    $1,000                                       
Rotary Club of Alamo $1,000                                       
The Dictionary Project  $1,032                                       
Voyager 6 of the Tri-Valley   $250                                       
We Care Services $500                                                    
Assets – The Foundation Endowment funds have grown to $626,000 and holds $80,000 in cash.  Investments are overseen by an investors committee led by Marco Bronzini.
Proposed for Budget 2021-22:
Education -     $19,000  $15,000 scholarship and $4000 for leadership camps
Community   $14,000   $7,000 local $3,500 regional, $3,500 international
District Grants $3,750 Trinity Center Tech,   $1,200 Wheel chairs,  $  500 to Sunset Davis Club,
Other  $  700  Rise against hunger and funds received from District
Education – Other potentially funded projects from the Foundation include the Dictionary project, Educator of the year, Amigos De Guatemala Tuition, Other education-related funds
Community Grants are supported by Interest accrued from the endowment fund including:
             Sunny Glen Smoke Alarm
             Rise Against Hunger
             Grants requested by outside funds
Community Services are funded by club members and a new (soon to be proposed) club fundraiser
Senior Center Holiday Lunch
Veterans Day
Student of the Month
Job Shadow Day
Educator of the year
Ana Dominguez will report on the Bolivia Water Project soon.
Gary Sloan: Youth Services.  Gary shared that his responsibilities encompassed the Cal High Interact Club, serve on the Scholarship Committee and raise funds for Youth through the On-line Auction Sponsor efforts.  Interact Club has 150 members that meets every week to promote Service to the Community. They have focused on homelessness, hunger, the environment, and support of special events or populations.   The key goals for the year for Gary are to engage more Rotarians and Rotaract members with Interact by promoting interaction through shadow days, vocational days, and Rotarians becoming drivers to various events.   Gary shared his concern over the underfunding that the Rotary Foundation anticipates this year for scholarships reducing funding from $20,000 to $10,000 and potentially impinging upon funding for leadership and entrepreneurial camps. 
Kathy Gailey: International Service.  Kathy is responsible for seeking opportunities in international projects.  Michelle Lee at Dougherty Valley is assisting with grant writing for dual club engagement. Kathy encouraged members to share ideas with her.  The Wheelchair grant approval is slated for the first week of August.
Colette Lay is the Assistant Governor for 6 Clubs.
Norbert Walz:  Member at large is responsible for the Art and Wind Event and Online Auction>
Art and Wind and Online Auction:   Art and Wind was last held in 2019.  We don’t know if it will be operational in 2022 and Norbert has heard that it was a 50-50 proposition.  He emphasized that this event was both a fund raiser and an opportunity to have fun.  Kathy Gailey noted this is also a way to connect with the community and obtain potential new members.
The On-line Auction is well on the way.  Norbert will be meeting with Foundation on Tuesday.  Members are already giving as Sponsors.  Norbert wants every member involved with the auction either through cash donations or collecting items.  He felt that the last year’s success was due to everyone participating.
Marv Remmich is our Programs scheduler: We have speakers through November.   Send ideas to Marv.
Unable to make the meeting today:
Geoff Disch:  Treasurer
Collette  Lay:  Secretary
Michael Love:  Public Relations
Patty Hennigan:  Vocational Services
President Show Time Koehne asked members how we can encourage attendees for lunch and communicate the number of attendees to the Catering service.    Karen McNamara offered to manage a club runner RSVP email with link to accept or decline with option to include a guest.  A reminder email would include speaker, greeter and request to attend.  The cost of lunch will be between $24-26.   If we do not get a minimum number people for lunch the cost may need to go up to cover the expenses of the caterer.   It was noted that a there may be a problem if members do not RSVP but show up, then there may not be enough food.  Everyone at the meeting seemed amenable to this plan
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