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1. You should be at the meeting by 11:45 AM in order to greet everyone as they come to the meeting.

2. You should bring a "Greeter's Gift" for the raffle. The gift should be approximately $20.00 in value.

3. You will be leading the giving the inspiration of the day, leading the salute to the flag, and introducing the visiting Rotarians. It is a good idea to watch the visiting Rotarians sign in, so that you can ask them about any complicated names or classifications.

4. If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
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Meeting Notes for May 11, 2017
By: Hermann Welm
President Kathy Gailey, “The African Queen,” called the meeting to order, reminding us that the R.I. President is John F. Germ and his theme for the year is “Rotary Serving Humanity.”
Our Greeter, George Gayler  --  yes, he still is a member of this club  --  led us in the Salute to the Flag and gave us his Thought for the Day, by Ralph Nader: “Your best teacher is your last mistake.”   George then spoke about his company, coincidentally called Gayler Construction  Company, Inc., and about son Chris who now runs the outfit!  If you need someone to do a design/build remodel job on your home, look no further!
Mike Thelen then led the group in the singing the Patriotic Song, “God Bless America!”
Visiting Rotarians:  Michelle Lee, formerly of our club, and now with the Dougherty Valley/San Ramon club.
Other Visitors:   Tina Browning, as guest of Kathy Gailey’s, who it “checking out” the club.  Sarah Cranford, Principal of California High, and Jay Ehret, of the Cal High Career Center.  Other guests will be mentioned below.
PP Dr. Bill reminded all that he will be making a presentation at the SRV Historic Center (the old Danville RR Station) at 10:00 am, Saturday, the 13th.  The topic will be “The Historic Harlan House; has it Fallen Down Yet?”
A reminder from Edgardo Carrillo that our Beer & Wine Booths will be operating on Sunday and Monday, May 28 and 29.  Set-up is on Saturday, May 27.  On behalf of Norbert Walz, who is heading up this effort, he’ll be passing around a sign-up sheet for the various slots which still need to be filled.
PP Guy Greco announced that there will be a Golf Tournament on May 25th, immediately after our meeting, at Crow Canyon Country Club.  Jeff Disch and Dennis Harvey are organizing it so contact them if you are interested in playing.
Cal High Interactor, Swetha Sankar, presented an update as to what her club is involved in.  To quote parts of her report, “We’re almost reaching the end of the school year, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of volunteer events to take part in!  There will be a Subway Fundraiser held from Sunday, May 21st through Saturday, May 27th ! 10% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to Cal High Interact. We also have the Run for Education: Auction Gathering where Interactors will be asked to collect auction donations from businesses. Finally, we have the Arts and Wind Festival, where Cal High Interact will be holding its annual booth at the Arts and Wind Festival serving Chinese food from Peking Delight.”
Good News/Fine Free:  None.
Program:  PP Dr. Bill Harlan introduced this year’s Grads to Patriots recognition by first noting a bit of history as to this club’s involvement with the military and in particular with his son Will (aka “The Sergeant”) and his units while deployed
overseas.  Will joined the Army at age 18 and became a member of the famed 82nd Airborne Division.  He spent six months deployed in Saudi Arabia as part of the Desert Storm operation and later served three deployments in Iraq and one each in Afghanistan and Korea.   (Not mentioned by Dr. Bill, but recalled here by the Scribe, is that The Sergeant was severely wounded during an Iraq deployment when his Stryker armored vehicle was blown up by an IED.  Many surgeries followed to repair his legs and knees, but he chose to stay in the Army and serve out his twenty years.  He was named the “Soldier of the Year” by the Army Times in 2008; a very prestigious award!)
While on his various deployments, this club “adopted” The Sergeant and his unit and sent a series of “CARE Packages” consisting of items not easily found in a combat zone.  At times the items were toys, such as soccer balls, for the local children.  Dr. Bill was the club’s liaison for these efforts.  This connection makes him the perfect host for the introduction of two Cal High seniors who have chosen to make the military part of their future.
Anthony Zorovic, accompanied by his mother, Michele, will be attending the Colorado School of Mines this fall and will be enrolling in the Army ROTC program.  He hopes to be able to secure an ROTC scholarship and then serve on active duty upon graduation.
Michael Leonard, accompanied by mom and dad, Geneveve and Michael, and by his brother, Nicholas, will be attending the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs this fall.   He is likely to major in Engineering (if dad has anything to say about it) but his life’s ambition is to be a pilot.
Mike Conklin, on behalf of the Sentinels of Freedom and our club, presented each with a Sentinels coin, using the traditional “handshake” method.
Additional Program:  Michelle Lee, USAF (Retired), Rotarian and formerly with our club, representing the American Legion, spoke about the Legion’s Girls’ State Program.  This 75-year-old, one-week resident program teaches young ladies about city, county and state government.  Each high school in the State can send one representative  --  this year numbering about 400  --  where they form political parties, run for election, and pass legislation to “govern” their entity.  This past year’s representative from Cal High, Ila Arinash, gave a very excellent account of what goes on and how much she has learned as a result.  She was told, as we often hear, that “you get out of the program what you put into it,” and she decided from the start to really get involved.  It obviously worked for her!
Michelle next announced that Kristina Hernandez will be this June’s attendee from Cal High.
Raffle:   The Greeter’s Gift  --  $20.00  --  was won by Mike Thelen.  The opportunity to draw that elusive gold marble from the bag was won by his fellow Chorister, PP Don Jones.  To everyone’s delight, he drew “Blue,’ so he walked off with only $10.00.  The prize next week will be $200.00!  We’re starting to talk “real money” here!
Next Week’s Program:  Will be The Unsung Hero Awards, hosted by Stacy Litteral.  The Greeter will be Chris Gayler, who has indicated that his Greeter’s Gift will be a complete bathroom remodel, or $20.00, whichever is less.
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