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2. You should bring a "Greeter's Gift" for the raffle. The gift should be approximately $20.00 in value.

3. You will be leading the giving the inspiration of the day, leading the salute to the flag, and introducing the visiting Rotarians. It is a good idea to watch the visiting Rotarians sign in, so that you can ask them about any complicated names or classifications.

4. If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
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Meeting Notes for October 26, 2017
By: Gary Sloan
Call to Order at 12:10:   Everything seemed to return to normal with the arrival of our esteem President Lucky Can do Sandhu.  Lucky’s effervescence was on full display as he introduced our long time Rotarian, Pat Paterson who displayed a full Scotsman kilt in honor of his heritage (and to show off his manly legs).  Of course, the unasked question was how far Pat carried the traditions of the Scots in their penchant for not relying on undergarments. 
Pat’s inspirational quote was that life is like a photograph in that it is important to capture the great moments in our lives and if things don’t work out, you can always take another shot.  Mike Thelan captured a great moment in Rotarian’s rendition of My Country Tis of Thee to which Lucky remarked that he loved our energy.
Lucky introduced Pat as the “glue that binds” all Rotarians and Pat shared the highlights of his bio featured in the last Crow’s Call notably that he lived in 7 states with 16 mailing addresses and has visited all 7 continents as well as 47 of 50 states.  Asked which states he has not yet visited, Pat retorted, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas to which most of the members suggested that he was not missing much (unless you love college football).  Pat managed JC Penney stores with the responsibility of opening 4 new stores.  He has been a member of 5 Rotary Clubs with 36 years of perfect attendance and he was President of our club from 1999-2000 known at “Single Malt”.  He has 4 kids and married 62 years to the love of his life “Lady Ann”.  Ladies and Gentlemen, if you were ever looking for the “perfect” Rotarian, Pat Paterson is certainly that guy.
Lucky thanked Dennis Harvey and Gary Sloan for filling in for him as President while he was away in India taking care of his family.  The club thanked Lucky for coming back for fear that Dennis and Gary would have another opportunity to lead the club toward its ultimate demise.  Both Dennis and Gary received a nice bottle of wine.
Guy reiterated that Dennis Harvey won the golf tournament but lamented that there were fewer golfers than in past years.  He suggested that this may be due to Gary Sloan’s unconventional use of skulls for golf balls and tree limbs for golf clubs.  He inexplicably gave Gary a sleeve of golf balls, no doubt our of pity for all the balls Gary traditionally loses during his golf adventures.
Ana reminded members to RSVP with Veteran guests for the upcoming Veterans Day Appreciation Lunch to be held at SRRMC on November 9th at San Ramon Regional Medical Center (South Building).  Ana may contact Michele Lee who was so instrumental in helping with last year’s event.
Dr. Bill thanked everyone involved in our Dictionary Project particularly Jerry, Stacey, Guy, Paula, Mike, Mark and Chris Gayler as distribution leads.
Lucky gave Kathy Gailey a break but warned that he would like an update on our Auction which rumor has it approached $100,000 this year.  Lucky thanked, Colette, Glenn, Norbert, Herman, Jerry, Marie, Gary and Kathy for their leadership in conjunction with all the members who participated to some degree toward the success of this major fund raiser.
Gary Sloan announced his intention of retiring from hospital administration no later than July.  He also shared his great anniversary surprise having visited of all places Lodi where Barbara and he found the Zinfandel wine tasting to be to their satisfaction followed by massage, dinner and a romantic evening together.   Lucky tried to explain how he arrived at a recognition number vaguely computed around the 29 years Gary has been married times two.  But at the end of the day, Lucky said he would pick up the fine out of respect for his elder.
Rotarians were in for a treat when Ernie Orozco was introduced as our speaker.  Ernie’s uncanny ability to perform an impression of Howard Cosell was amazing.  Of course, it was difficult for those younger Rotarians who were going onto Google to find out who Howard Cosell was.  As the story goes as to how Ernie got into this line of work, in 2002 he had the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to an Oakland Raider play-off game by participating in a contest for doing an impression of a famous person.  Ernie claims he lost the contest because the lone judge was a 19 year old Raiderette who had no idea who Howard Cosell was.  (She chose the guy who sang magic carpet ride).  As it turned out Gary Radnich heard the impression and asked Ernie to join him on his show which occurred over 200 times.  Ernie has appeared in Las Vegas and Reno.
Ernie knocked our socks off as he shared the life of Howard Cosell with a great impersonation claiming that he was pilloried and excoriated by the Press.  He shared that Cosell was a Jew from Brooklyn who went to law school and having joined a law firm that represented Willie Mays, he later was introduced to and represented the great Jackie Robinson resulting in one of the biggest changes in sports.  Telly Savalas, who was a radio director at the time, approached Howard and asked him to do an eight week stint interviewing little leaguers with big leaguers on the radio.  This turned into an eight year run when in 1963 a sentinel moment in Cosell’s life occurred… meeting Cassius Clay in the heavy weight bout in England.  Cosell got ABC Sports to permit him to bring Clay on Wide World of Sports with the proviso that Clay won the fight, an unlikely feat.  Following this success, Ali and Cosell were synonymous as Ali fought Liston, Frazier and Forman.  Ali was dubbed by Cosell “the greatest of all time” and was supported by Cosell when Ali refused induction into the military.  Cosell commented in defense of his friend, Ali, that “what is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular”.
Cosell also introduced Frank Sinatra at Madison Square Gardens and Ernie gave a riveting rendition of the introduction.  Without Cosell there would never have been a Saturday Night Live with Bill Murray first doing the Killer Bee routine on his show.
As Ernie neared the end of his presentation he shared with Lucky his great love for India (North, not South) and that everyone he met in India was either a Singh or a Patel.  Ernie also shared a touching story when he met Ali in his later years a giving his impression of Cosell to the champ which ended with Ali and Ernie embracing and in tears over the memories of the then deceased Cosell.  Ernie learned of Ali’s death at a Paul Simon concert who stopped the concert to share the devastating news and then broke out into the song “The Boxer”, an extraordinary moment.  Ernie confessed that he was inspired to do a Cosell impression because he was touched by Cosell’s exuberance, philosophy and “punch”.
The high point of Cosell’s life was when he stood up for Ali’s principles and his lowest point was when he was relegated to baseball sports casting.   Ernie gave us the dirt on Dandy Don Meredith suggesting that the Meredith always wanted more which only moved him from a joyful to a bitter man who became a hermit in New Mexico during his later years.  Ernie is a bit sad that young people do not remember Howard Cosell who truly changed sports on TV and made life a little more interesting for those who lived in those times.
Final Announcements
Athena from Interact Club gave an update on the club’s new relationship with Coyote Grill for fund raising and their recent success in raising $222 from Fire Pizza.  The club has 130 members who have already contributed 357 hours of service.  A new website feature allowing student to blog and increase student engagement has been developed.
We are all very proud of our affiliate Interact Club.
The Raffle winners were Herman who won a bottle of Scotch from our Scottish clansman.  Ana won $10 having selected the blue marble.
Next week’s speaker is a renowned Oncologist and our greeter will be Garth Riopelle.
Dictionary Distribution at Montair Elementary School
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