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When you are assigned the duty of being our greeter, you should remember the following:

1. You should be at the meeting by 11:45 AM in order to greet everyone as they come to the meeting.

2. You should bring a "Greeter's Gift" for the raffle. The gift should be approximately $20.00 in value.

3. You will be leading the giving the inspiration of the day, leading the salute to the flag, and introducing the visiting Rotarians. It is a good idea to watch the visiting Rotarians sign in, so that you can ask them about any complicated names or classifications.

4. If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
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Meeting Notes for October 6, 2016
By: Dr. Bill Harlan
It was like déjà vu all over again as former president Gary Sloan officiated in the absence of traveling Kathy Gailey.  And he brought his trove of tired jokes back with him.  Greeter John Sramek led us in the Flag Salute and shared with us a Thought for the Day of Henry Ford’s definition of success proclaimed just before he introduced the Edsel.    John told us he is “transitioning into full retirement mode” but that he is giving a talk on October 20 at Cal High about how to finance a college career. Hermann Welm lip sung the Patriotic Song – his best ever effort! Our visiting Rotarian was returning “snow bird” from Minnesota, Ron Taylor.  Our old friend Alan Ward came up to visit from Arizona; apparently the arrival of Mark and Robin von in the state has stirred anxieties.  Other guests included a nice lady who had contributed an item to the auction and wanted to check us out; fortunately, the auction has already opened, so she was unable to get it back.  Acting president Gary then told his usual jokes to cement the questionable reputation of our club. Here are the highpoints: “Niagara, Viagra, bay gulls and join the line.” This correspondent did appreciate the joke about the cannibals escaping detection in the corporate world by always being careful to eat only managers.
Membership maven Dennis Harvey led the induction of our newest member John Milich.  John grew up in Watsonville and was active at Watsonville High (“Go Wildcats!”)  He graduated from San Diego State in marketing.  While at SDSU he tried out for volleyball and gained the distinction of being the first male in NCAA Division One history that was cut so a female could play on the men’s team. (Way to go, John!)
He worked in sales and marketing at various companies until the late 1990’s when he was recruited by Xerox.  While there over the next two decades we won many awards and was able to travel extensively.  In 2016 he retired and joined his friend Asad Razvi at his San Ramon company, Copyrite.
John and his wife Teri have three grown kids and are now empty nesters.  They have lived in Danville for many years.  John looks forward to enjoying his semi-retirement and giving back to his community through Rotary.
Jerry Marrs (a.k.a. Auction Man) tells us that the auction site is open.  The 400 items that were donated are valued at $90,000 and have already raised over $30,000 toward our goal.
There is a Board meeting coming up on October 18th.  See Kathy for details.
The Six Club meeting will be the evening of October 26th at Blackhawk Country Club.
The last golf outing will be October 19th at Canyon Lakes.  See Guy Greco now to sign up.
Bill Brodie has seven tickets left for Day at the Races, November 19th.
Mark Von, after unloading the van in Sedona, now has carpal tunnel in both wrists. So much for the health-giving benefits of Arizona.
Squirrelly Hermann Welm reminds us November and December are tree-trimming months.
Chris Gallagher revealed that Hermann, after forgetting about his wife’s birthday, was observed at Macy’s buying fingernail polish for his squirrels.  (He claims it is so he can tell them apart.) You are encouraged to provide your own punch line.
Dr. Bill announced that the dictionaries will have their labels installed on October 11 and will be delivered to the schools subsequently.  He asked that all captains let him know what date they arrange for the distribution at each school. Take Pictures!
John Tatum announced that the Christmas trees are being ordered from our usual farm in the Seattle area.  Demand for the trees at our lot is declining as people age and more buy fake trees.  He warned that we need to plan for an alternative fund-raiser.  Any ideas?
Gary Sloan said that the recent Heart Walk had drawn 3,000 people; a Walk for Alzheimers had raised over $5,000.
Special Appeal:
Horace Crawford asked for volunteers to help provide over 100 homeless and working poor in Central Contra Costa County with a delicious Thanksgiving meal by preparing turkeys and side dishes.  He hopes that on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving more than 20 Rotarians will open their hearts and their ovens to cook turkeys, pies and side dishes for the Trinity Center at St. Paul’s Episcopal Parish Hall in Walnut Creek.  If you can help, let Horace or Karen McNamara know.  They will provide the turkeys and the details for volunteers.
Horace is also looking for help in serving the meal on Thanksgiving Day.  If you would like to spend time serving and eating with the clients of Trinity Center, let Horace or Karen know.  Friends and family are also welcome to help.  People who have helped with Thanksgiving in the past have found it a rewarding experience.
Horace Crawford           (925) 324-8040
Karen McNamara         (925) 383-1049
Naim Katiby was recognized for an anniversary and is still trying to remember what he did.
Patti Hennigan and John went to Chicago and Lake Geneva for their anniversary.
Horace Crawford told us that in honor of Peggy’s birthday, he is selling his antique tractor.
Jerry Marrs celebrated his anniversary with a BBQ and will take Dana to San Antonio after a          certain event. (Have you signed up for the auction yet?)
Gary Sloan is taking Barbara to LA for their anniversary so she can attend the LA Philharmonic and go to the Norton Simon Museum while Gary checks out the Yasiel Puig Death Glare        in person at Dodger Stadium – the formula for a happy marriage.
Guy Greco is taking Mary to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion -- for his birthday!
Dr. Bill Harlan is shipping Ruth off to New York to see her grandkids – for her birthday!
Marv Remmick, program chair extraordinaire , introduced Noel Sanchez of Donor Network West.  Her organization, which operates five transplant centers in the Bay Area, has just opened a new clinic in San Ramon.  The network helps in recovering organs, providing support for families of both donors and recipients, educating the public about transplants and supporting research in the transplant technology as the science evolves.  Ms. Sanchez’s specific job is to increase donations among different groups.  The need for transplants is greater than most of us realize. There are over 20,000 people on the organ wait list in the Bay Area; about 23 of those on the list die every day without a transplant.  One donor can supply up to eight life-saving organs: heart, liver, kidneys (2), pancreas, intestines, lungs (2).  In addition, skin, eyes and joints can be used. One may register as a donor at the DMV where you get a special sticker on your driver’s license.  If you register on-line your next of kin will be notified which helps forestall difficulties after your death.  Collette Lay explained that she was registered as a donor and that her family was on board with her decision.  All major religions support transplants, and there is no upper age limit.  So even this aged correspondent might still be of some use after all!
Noel introduced a transplant recipient, Nicole Ludwig of Danville.  She was born with an
enlarged heart and doctors told her to take precautions.  At 32 she got healthy but she still
had a heart attack while hiking on Mt. Diablo.  The following year she had to go to the ER with a
 rapid heart rate and receive a shock: “I felt as if a horse had kicked me in the chest.”  Doctors
attached a machine called an LVAD to help regularize her heart beat but she still had problems,
once having to be rescued from her bathtub by firemen.  She was placed a the transplant list
and 25 days later she received a new heart, February 6, 2012.
Since that day her life has changed.  She and her husband, Jim, adopted a second child.  She
went back to work.  Nicole was honored to throw out the ball at a Warriors game, and she got
to drop the green flag at a NASCAR race.  She owes it all to the Donor West Network and to
Chuck Barry of Nevada, whose heart she received.
We then heard briefly from Jim Ludwig, Nicole’s husband, who told us what it was like being a
caregiver through the two-year ordeal.  Over night he became daddy, mommy, cook, cleaner
and insurance broker.  At the height of her treatment Nicole was taking 85 different pills a day,
a regimen he had to be in charge of.  While she was in Stanford Hospital he was driving down
and back every day until the doctors banned him from seeing his wife – out of concern for his
health.  Now both he and Nicole appear frequently on behalf of DWN.
Another fascinating program!  Have you noticed that Marv Remmick is doing a good job?
Alan Ward won the Greeter’s gift, which hardly seems fair since he is legally the resident of
another state. Chris Gallagher threw the dice to no avail -- $100 next week!
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