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Meet this Year's President: Can-Do Sandhu, Lucky Sandhu
Jul 20, 2017
Scrambling from Sutters Fort to San Ramon -Surviving in early California
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Greeter Protocol
When you are assigned the duty of being our greeter, you should remember the following:

1. You should be at the meeting by 11:45 AM in order to greet everyone as they come to the meeting.

2. You should bring a "Greeter's Gift" for the raffle. The gift should be approximately $20.00 in value.

3. You will be leading the giving the inspiration of the day, leading the salute to the flag, and introducing the visiting Rotarians. It is a good idea to watch the visiting Rotarians sign in, so that you can ask them about any complicated names or classifications.

4. If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of San Ramon
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Meeting Notes for July 13, 2017
Lucky Sandhu, aka “Can Do Sandhu,” opened the meeting by reminding us that the R.I. President is Ian H.S. Riseley, of Victoria, Australia, and his theme for the year is “Rotary, Making a Difference.”
Our Greeter, Don Bierman, led us in the Salute to the Flag and gave us his Thought for the Day, by Dr. Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened!”   Don, who has transferred to us from another club  --  this is the fourth one he has participated in  --  mentioned that he has held down several jobs (simultaneously) but is now concentrating on his work with H & R Block and teaching online courses at Ohlone College.
Mike Thelen then led the group in the singing the Patriotic Song, “My Country Tis of Thee!”
Visiting Rotarians:  Beri Kasper, of the Concord/Diablo club and Michelle Lee, formerly with us but now with the Dougherty Valley/San Ramon club.
Other Visitors:   Max Prilutski, son of Mike; Cal High Interactors, Jessica Yuan, Heidi Kwong, Amanda Li and Jillian Weber; Chris Jo, a former Cal High Interactor and Alissa Anderegg, Miss Contra Costa County 2017.
PP Kathy Gailey presented President Can Do Sandhu with his official gavel for the year.
Kathy also reminded all that our Online Auction for Education is in need of more prizes; please get your items in as soon as possible!  She is also looking for someone to “shadow” her so that they can take over chairing the event next year.
PP Gary Sloan noted that the President’s Inauguration Party will begin at 5:30 pm, at his house, on July 29th.  Invites have been sent out by email, however there are still some members who have failed to respond.  If that incudes YOU, please do so!
PP Dennis Harvey again reminded all of their role in inviting prospective new members to our meetings.  He has received the names of about ten people who have expressed some degree of interest to various members.
Michelle Lee announced that the Dougherty Valley/San Ramon club will again be hosting the Bike Ride and Hopfest, scheduled for September 16th this year.  A shorter, 15-mile, ride has been added for those who want more of a “recreational” experience.  There will, of course, be the traditional 30, 60 and 100-mile rides.  The Hopfest portion, open to both riders and non-riders, will feature the beers of several breweries!
Update on Geoff Johnson:  he is in a dementia unit at a Livermore facility and is able to receive and generally recognize his Rotarian friends.  So feel free to call or visit him.  (We were reminded that Geoff was the first member inducted into our club after it was founded!)
Paula Sue Gross introduced Alissa Anderegg, the current Miss Contra Costa County.  Paula was very proud of Alissa having “broken into” the Top Fifteen in the statewide competition.  Miss Anderegg spoke about the upcoming Alzheimer’s Walk, in Heather Farms Park, Walnut Creek, on October 21st.
Good News/Fine Free:  None
Recognitions:   None
The Cal High Interactors attending Camp Venture (Jessica Yuan and Heidi Kwong) and Camp Royal (Amanda Lei and Jillian Weber) visited us to report on their respective weeks’ activities.  In addition, Chris Jo, a former Cal High Interactor (2010) and Camp Venture participant, who has since graduated from college, was also in attendance.  Chris is starting up a watch business, manufacturing and retailing Swiss watches.  He spoke highly of his Camp Venture experience!
Camp Venture was started by the San Ramon Rotary Club in 1995, under the inspiration and leadership of John Sims (d: 11/29/2015).  The five-day program at the California Maritime Academy, Vallejo, is meant to acquaint high school juniors with the workings of business.  Jessica and Heidi reported that there were 36 participants this year who got to know each other very well as a result of team building exercises, R & R times, and of course in working together in separate corporate teams, each developing a Business Plan.  The latter included (1) choosing a line of business to develop; (2) performing an Industry Analysis; (3) creating a Mission Statement; (4) developing a Marketing Strategy; (5) forecasting a Profit & Loss Statement; and (6) developing a Cash Flow Projection.  Pretty “heavy-duty” stuff, but to listen to Jessica and Heidi describe the experience there was a lot of fun, personal development and bonding that went on!
Camp Royal, on the other hand, is focused on developing leadership qualities in high school juniors.  Our club sent four students to the 140-student program, however, only Amanda Li and Jillian Weber were able to attend our luncheon.  This is a week-long program, meeting in Hayseed, California (or is that “Hayfork?”) which is somewhere up north, where Madame Trixie hails from!
The participants “roomed” in Platform Buildings, with nine per Platform.  (A Platform Building is really an elevated wood floor with three sides enclosed and the fourth side open to the elements.  Since Grizzly Bears were long ago killed and eaten by Robin’s forebears, none of the participants were mauled to death during the night!
The students were grouped by personality type:  Compassion, Structure, Energy and Knowledge.  They learned to deal with the clashes that can occur when one group is confused/confounded/etc by the approach another group uses to solve problems.
The program consisted of a series of motivational speakers, confidence-building activities and sound advice:  When confronted with a problem, Pause, Breathe and Smile (“PBS”) and things will go more smoothly!
Evening activities, such as skits and a talent show, although fun, also developed the strengths of the participants.
Raffle:   The Greeter’s Gift was won by Colette Lay and the opportunity to draw that elusive gold marble was won by Norbert Walz.  Alas, Norbert drew “Blue,” so he walked off with only $10.00.  The prize next week will be $280.00! 
Next Week’s Program:  We’ll hear from our own Dr  Bill, Rotarian and Historian extraordinaire, as he presents a talk "Scrambling from Sutter's Fort to San Ramon - Surviving in Early California".  It will examine the history of the Harlan family, early settlers in San Ramon from 1846-1852.  Our Greeter will be Naim Katiby.
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