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Meeting Notes for July 20, 2017
By: Gary Sloan
The San Ramon Rotary Club meeting was called to order at 12:15 pm.  Our esteem President, Lucky (Can do) Sandhu reminded the members that this year’s theme is “Making a Difference”.  The loss of the mother of our dear friend and Rotarian Patti Hennigan coupled with the announcement that the Rotary International President Elect had passed away resulted in a moment of silence observed by club members.  Naim Katiby was our greeter for the day and provided us with the thought for the day:  “Positive thoughts are not enough.  Positive feelings and action are what is required”.    Following “My Country Tis of Thee” by our four tenors, Don, Mike, Herman and Geoff, Dr. Bill introduced his wife Ruth and announced that they were soon to celebrate their 6th Anniversary pending any legal entanglements.  Bill also introduced his daughter, Heather, a health care professional.    Naeem shared that his son graduated from college, his daughter will graduate in two months and he just completed a book, “The Physician”.
Lucky proceeded to share a 5 minute video of the last speech by the Rotary International President Elect, Sam Owari.  Mr. Owari shared that his inspiration for joining Rotary were focused on two projects:  1) E. Uganda project to provide reconstructive surgery to a young girl disfigured in a hyena attack and 2) Gift of Life project providing open heart surgery for three children all of who are doing well.  Secondarily, his Rotary mentor gave his the confidence to be something beyond his initial dreams. These were the bittersweet comments about the inspiration of Rotary from a man no longer of this world.  Lucky shared a letter from Cal State University thanking San Ramon Rotary Club for our donation. 
Forever the techy, Lucky illustrated the power of technology showing the club that there were 13, 579 face book views of our Rotary website and 376 followers.  The goal this year was to get to 500 followers.
Auction:  Kathy Gailey reminded the members that September 20-29 were the days of the auction but we need all items listed by August 15.  So far there are 36 items.   A list of items members have committed to obtain was distributed for your action.  Please bring two bottles of wine priced at $20 or more for a gift basket.
Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Dr. Bill reiterated his betrothal to his beloved Ruth and shared that they would be forgoing their traditional Jack and the Box celebration and just stay home as a 2nd Honeymoon.  Colette Lay shared that Brad’s birthday was celebrated in Oregon at a reunion. Chris Gayler celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary on the American River white waters and Jay Tontz was relieved to have reached an undisclosed birthday age.
Golf Tournament:  Hackers and golf experts alike were invited by Guy Greco to join the group next Wednesday for a 1:30 pm tee off time at the Falls Course at Blackhawk.  Use the East gate.  Guy now has time to fully engage in the festivities following his announcement of his retirement from Heritage Bank.
Inauguration Party:  Presidential inauguration will be held at the Sloan Residence where food, wine and a presidential baptism is in store.   It will be held on Saturday July 29th at 5:30 p.m.
Program Par Excellence
We are fortunate to have a scholar and excellent speaker among our ranks at the San Ramon Rotary Club.  Dr. Bill oratory about the “Scramble from Sutter’s Fort to San Ramon” was riveting.  Previously, Dr. Bill has lectured about the early descendants of early settlers including the hair-raising adventures of the wagon train trip across the Plains, the incompetent trails guide, and the Harlan ranch founded in 1852.  Having avoided the fate of the Donner Family, Bill shared his disappointment with having very few things named after his family compared to the infamous Donner Family’s pass and lake.
Dr. Bill is a great story teller and brought to life the migration of 80 head of cattle and Harlan clan into this Valley.  He described how the Harlan family had to adapt to their new surroundings and learn new skills.    He recounted no less than ten occupations over the span of a decade in which the Harlan boys participated.  As able body males, they were drafted into Fremont’s Battalion and marched to Southern California where not a shot was fired in anger.  In fact, more people died from typhoid in the San Jose Mission including the daughter, son-in-law and wife of George Harlan whose three children Joel, Jake and Mary Ann continued their very full lives.
Initially the Harlan family harvested red woods in the Oakland Hill for housing shingles.  They diversified to use the wood to build fences for famous landowners including Fremont, Sloat and Stockton.  With the cattle they brought from the East, only 8 milking cows survived but they produced milk and milk products unique to California.  The concept of a Livery Stable where sailors could rent horses and ride out the ocean proved lucrative enough to enable marriage of the brothers to two sisters.
Little Johnny Wimmer found gold in the hills of California prompting the brothers to open a supply store for prospector provisions.  The best sale was reportedly to some Indians who wanted Mexican style serapes.  The creative Harlan boys had Victorian carpets into which the cut a hole an introduced a unique serape.  It is recorded that they made $200 in one day receiving gold nuggets from the Indians in exchange for the fashionable garb. 
The new wives of the Harlan brothers demanded that the family leave this profitable business location for more civilized environs resulting in the sale of their store to none other than the incompetent guide, Lansford Hastings.  As it turned out, the departure of the Harlan Brothers led to land speculation in San Francisco where following the purchase of a plot of land on Bust Street for $2000, it was sold for $4500 on the same day…. to Dr. Coit (of the famous Coit tower fame).  Dr. Bill again lamented that the only thing named after the Harlan family was an alley in San Francisco where an infamous massage parlor resides.
In the mid 1800’s the Harlan Brothers harvested potatoes, operated a Ferry and Hotel.  Ultimately they returned to their roots and harvested wheat and raised cattle in the San Ramon Valley.
Bill graciously answered questions following his terrific presentation.
The raffle was won by Colette Lay for the second week in a row and the blue marble was again drawn leaving untold wealth in the pot for next week.
Lucky adjourned the meeting around 1:20 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Gary Sloan, Scribe
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