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Meeting Notes for October 15, 2020
Crow’s Call October 15, 2020
President Chris Gallagher muted us into order.  “Top Gun” was wearing pants this week, which was an improvement, but he soon lost control and PowerPoint mania took over the meeting.  Colette Lay was the Official Greeter, but she asked Pat Paterson to give the Thought for the Day: “You cannot face today’s challenges with yesterday’s methods and still be in business tomorrow.”  We paid obligatory acknowledgment to Holger Knaack who says that Rotary Opens Opportunities, which you can find on RI’s website.
News You May Have Missed:       
A woman in a wedding gown demanded her boyfriend marry her immediately in a Target….or else.     
A dog was trained to hold a ring on his nose….until he swallowed it.     
One needy guy introduced cow hugging as a thing….although it’s against the law in 14 states. 
An irate husband climbed a radio tower in India and wouldn’t come down to teach his wife a lesson….and made the local news.   
Some cute kids dissed their teacher…. but decided to cut Mom some slake.
Julie McKinney reinstituted the Marble Raffle in a virtual format.  Many people responded and we balanced the Club budget for this week.        
Colette Lay reminds us that she is still collecting items for Care Packages the Gold Star Moms are sending to troops overseas.  Check with her for details.                 
Dr. Bill needs three volunteers to help put labels in dictionaries which will be distributed directly to third graders in local schools without exposing vulnerable Rotarians this year. Contact him if you can help on date to be announced.       
Auction News: Norbert Walz warns this year’s effort will be smaller, but we still have some good “big ticket” items, thanks to John Tatum and his Mexican properties.  Judy Lewis is leading a spirited effort to get items.  Please help out.  We will be offering the auction live from Gallagher’s office.  Please submit wine for this year’s wine packages.   
Karen McNamara is leading a project to distribute pulse oximeters to rest homes in the area.  These devices allow non-medical staff to check vital signs of residents.  See her if you can help. 
Julie McKinney will be hosting Veteran’s Day again this year on November 9.  It will be a zoom meeting, but you’ll receive two flags in the mail to help with the celebration.     
Please forward any Rotary-related stories to Priya Jhingan, our online guru.     
John Tatum was recognized for Linda’s birthday in July.  He has moved up to Reno to help his kids (including our former member Bill Brodie) transition to a new job.     
Gary Sloan and Barbara celebrated their anniversary by watching the winery they had planned to visit burn down.  Gary always goes dramatic for his anniversary.     
Dr. Bill tells us that he and Ruth celebrated her birthday by listing all the restaurants they used to go to and then settling for a TV dinner.                             
Guy Greco had a birthday on October 9 but he cannot remember what he did.  Alan Love is buying a place up by Yosemite.  It sleeps eight. Norbert Walz could hardly contain himself at the thought of having it for next year’s auction.             
Julie McKinney plans on celebrating her upcoming anniversary by driving with Bryon down the coast like they did when they were teenagers.  Police have been alerted.        
Vera Packard reminds us to send auction alerts out to all our friends.
Karen McNamara presented  a report on the Club Rotary Foundation.  Its Board of Directors includes Jeff Disch, Colette Lay, Carolyn Degnan, and Chris Gallagher. The Foundation has cash assets of $118,000 and an endowment worth $516,000.  The online auction is the major source of funding for the foundation.The Foundation budgeted $24,000 for educational support: $15,000 in scholarships and $9,000 for educational projects, like the dictionary distribution.  Its community support fund is $11,000 of which 50% is reserved for local projects, 25% for regional grants and 25% for international work.
Other work which the Board has undertaken include updating the by-laws and requiring two signatures on all checks.  Its next meeting will be December 8.  Colette heads the grants committee.  Get your grant application from her.  She has five applications already, so get your request in.
The first virtual raffle drawing was held and Hermann Welm, naturally, won a chance for Julie’s son to draw a blue marble.  Hermann immediately protested the results and demanded a redrawing.
Greeter Checklist
When you are called to be a Greeter for a Zoom meeting, take a sec to review the checklist Priya put together. Thank you, Priya!
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